Readers React: Brian Williams’ $10-million salary should buy some honesty

To the editor: Any time a reporter injects himself into a story he is asked to report on, he risks being the main topic instead of just a reporter. Embattled “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams has too many times in the past tried to make himself look important or relevant. This time, after being caught embellishing his role in an incident in Iraq, Williams’ behavior finally caught up with him. (“Brian Williams’ lost credibility harms other serious journalists,” Editorial, Feb. 7)

It is too bad that the major networks ignore such misbehavior as they desperately try to boost ratings. What they forget is that today’s social media are much more vigilant than the networks.

People like Williams have no place in the news media. He needs to step down for good and not tarnish the image of NBC News as well as all other news outlets. Anyone earning $10 million annually should hold himself to very high standards.

Vijay Jeste, Redondo Beach



To the editor: An apology for lying about a helicopter ride is only part of the bigger lie corporate broadcast journalism sold to the American public. Its hard sell of the Iraq war has cost American and Iraqi lives and trillions of dollars.

Where again are those weapons of mass destruction? And how about the tale of the daring rescue of former POW Jessica Lynch?

Corporate journalists should apologize for acting as the Bush administration’s publicist. Why should I believe their credibility has improved since then?

Todd Van Etten, Lake Forest

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