Readers React: West Hollywood residents put out the welcome mat for Donald Trump


To the editor: Mayor Lindsey Horvath’s well-intentioned rejection of any Donald Trump visit to West Hollywood is not only constitutionally misguided (as her own city lawyer suggests), but an unhealthy symptom of an overly sensitive society in which even thoughtful professors are required to give students “trigger warnings” in advance of presenting any course materials that might potentially cause discomfort or offense. (“Deplorable as he may be, Donald Trump has the right to speak in West Hollywood,” editorial, April 8)

Is West Hollywood such a precious place that its citizens cannot vigorously challenge Trump’s hate at a public rally? Not allowing him to come here deprives us of that right.

Besides, telling such a demagogue where he is not welcome is certain to bring him here all the sooner.


Ty Geltmaker, West Hollywood


To the editor: As a gay man, a Hispanic, a West Hollywood homeowner and strong supporter of Trump, I am disgusted by Horvath’s grandstanding threat to reject a hypothetical event permit for the GOP front-runner.

City Atty. Michael Jenkins’ weak explanation of Horvath’s conduct does not excuse her illegal and discriminatory behavior. It’s ironic that misinformed liberals march at the first whiff of discrimination against another liberal, but find it perfectly OK to use their power to threaten and bully conservatives.

To imply that Trump’s stand against illegal immigration is somehow similar to the hate speech endured by victims of Nazis and AIDS is an extreme insult to Jews and AIDS survivors. Because of her reckless behavior, Horvath owes West Hollywood residents, Jews, AIDS patients and Trump a sincere apology and perhaps even her resignation.

Michael Sanchez, West Hollywood

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