Readers React: ‘Hyperloop’ seems to be mostly hype. Just build the bullet train

To the editor: Talk of “hyperloop” transportation seems to have quickly morphed into an endless loop of hype. (“Hyperloop One succeeds at first of many much-hyped tests,” May 11)

High-speed rail systems are already operating reliably, safely and economically, with the goal being to be fast enough to compete on a point-to-point basis with short airline flights and highway travel that have greater environmental impacts.

Systems in Japan and France have successfully met that goal. Meanwhile, decades-long intensive maglev train research and development programs are bearing fruit with the implementation of European technology in China and passenger-carrying demonstration service in Japan.

Visions of travel in pneumatic tubes have been around for a century, but the reality is that other technologies have won the real-world test with every generation. One could also argue that we need to redouble efforts to invest in our local communities rather than looking for Buck Rogers ways to get away from them.

Brian Bennett, La Verne


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