Cut Bowe Bergdahl's dad some slack

Bob Bergdahl, father of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, has had to walk miles during a terrible ordeal. Even though many people have negative things to say about him, I am sure that none of them is brave enough to walk in his shoes. ("Bob Bergdahl: a war captive's father and his war at home," June 4)

His son was a prisoner of war, and people expected him to stand up and talk very negatively about the captors. He has acted in a way to preserve his son's life, as any sane person might choose to do.


The Bergdahls raised a son who joined our armed forces to help keep Americans safe. How many of us have raised that kind of son? We have a volunteer Army, and Bowe Bergdahl volunteered. How many of us have volunteered for the armed forces?

I applaud the residents of Bergdahls' Idaho town for sticking by their own.

Jean Solomon

Los Angeles

Bob Bergdahl spoke at a Republican Party fundraiser in 2010 and voted for Ronald Reagan. His son should receive the benefit of the doubt.

We don't trade with our friends; we trade with our enemies. Better we let one of our own die in their captivity? Shame on those who are ready to be judge, jury and executioner.

Dennis Grossman

Woodland Hills

While I generally support Obama and roll my eyes at the GOP tendency to hate everything he does, I suspect this prisoner exchange is the president's biggest blunder.

Now we are being reassured that the exchanged Taliban prisoners weren't so hard-core that Americans need to fear their release. If that is the case, why were they held at Guantanamo Bay for 12 years? The administration can't have it both ways.

As for Bowe Bergdahl, anyone who thinks he should have been left in Afghanistan must have the courage to admit to harboring one of two decidedly uncharitable thoughts: either that he put himself in harm's way and didn't deserve to be rescued, or that he was not important enough for us to make the exchange.

That's kind of a no-win choice.

Jane Diamond

Sherman Oaks