Rushing to judgment on Israel's response to the Duma fire

To the editor: According to Sandy Tolan, the horrendous attack in Duma by settler extremists in the West Bank reflects the national values of Israel. He expresses skepticism that the killers of the 18-month-old Palestinian child will be brought to justice for their criminal act; he couldn't wait to pronounce his judgment until Israel's legal system had run its course and proved him wrong. ("Israeli policies sparked the deadly Duma fire," op-ed, Aug. 5)

It's interesting that while condemning Israel, Tolan quotes two of several Israeli human rights organizations. How many Palestinian human rights organization can he cite?

Tolan may be right that the Duma fire began long ago. Long before the creation of the state of Israel, Arab nations sought the expulsion and destruction of the Jewish population.

By using labels like "colonization" and "Jim Crow," it's obvious that Tolan is intent on doing a hatchet job on Israel.

Ted Carmely, Sherman Oaks



To the editor: Tolan's measured and calm presentation of the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories is strong and much needed. His rational voice counters the usual partisan bickering with a ring of truth and conviction.

The brutality created by the more radical and racist settlers, abetted by a standoffish Israeli military and police and their inadequate investigations, and the prejudicial justice system must come to an end. The comparison to Jim Crow here in the U.S. is accurate and telling.

We, as Americans, should speak out calmly and forcefully as Tolan has here against the injustice.

Tony Litwinko, Los Angeles


To the editor: Thanks for this piece. It is about time that U.S. media provide a more truthful version of the truth (yes) in terms of decades of systematic violation of human dignity and rights of the Palestinian population by the state of Israel.

Thank you again, and please continue to do your human duty on letting the voices of justice be heard.

Arman Rahmim, Lutherville, Md.

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