Readers React: Little nice to say about foster care in L.A. County

To the editor: I am somewhat surprised by the letter from Matty Nierenberg, who kindly bought a headstone for a 2-year-old girl beaten to death by a foster parent. I totally disagree with his support for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. (“Helping foster kids before the unthinkable happens,” Letters, Oct. 14)

Of course there are many concerned social workers who do their best. But that is not the point. Rather, the system is dysfunctional and should be closed. Over 30 years I have seen so many children killed while in DCFS care.

It is thoughtful to set up a fund to pay for the memorials of those who die destitute, but these kids should not be dying at all.

William Brady, Sherman Oaks



To the editor: How ironic. These letters respond to the tragedy of a 2-year-old child beaten to death while in foster care. They are followed by a group of letters addressing the self-righteous and arrogant argument by the right-to-life movement over a woman’s right to choose.

I have but one question for the so-called right-to-lifers: Who among you have fostered, adopted, cared for, loved and supported an unwanted child? Hands?

Babette Wilk, Valley Village

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