Don't blame voters for Obama's feckless foreign policy

To the editor: The suggestion that the election results will serve to embolden our adversaries around the world ignores the unalterable truth that those very election results were partially the result of our weak foreign policy over the past six years. ("Election setbacks for Obama may embolden foreign adversaries," Nov. 9)

In fact, our adversaries were already emboldened long before these midterm elections by feckless decisions such as drawing meaningless red lines in Syria, appeasing Russia, withdrawing from Iraq and sitting idly by while Islamic State established a caliphate.


The midterms were simply the result of President Obama's foreign policy.

Wayne Kreger, New York


To the editor: The article's main premise that the election results were a "stinging repudiation" of Obama is contradicted by many exit polls indicating that what moved most voters was a desire to change the way Washington in general does business.

As for the idea that the election will have a negative effect on Obama's efforts abroad, the article quotes an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a Chinese pro-government newspaper, together with critics of Obama's foreign policy.

This piece does not belong on the front page. It's not news; it's someone's opinion and it belongs on the Opinion page.

Donna Chaffee, Los Angeles

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