Letters: Celebrity worship

Re "Welcome, Professor Bieber," Opinion, March 25

Fortunately (or unfortunately) we live in a time and place of almost unlimited choices as to what we ingest in both mind and body. We have access to junk food and healthful food, Internet garbage and Internet gems, TV treasures and TV trash. "Reality" and "entertainment" shows fuel our fascination with stardom and almost anyone who is in the public eye.

Our obsession with fame has no doubt contributed to the rise in narcissism (think Lance Armstrong and Lindsey Lohan). While the basis for this disorder may arise in childhood, our celebrity culture certainly encourages it.

Ultimately, each of us is responsible for what we think, watch, read, say and do. Those choices make us who we are individually and collectively.

Perhaps we would be happier and healthier if fame and fortune were not the driving forces in our lives.

Kathy Welsh