Doubts about a cyclist's death

To the editor: As a five-day-a-week bike rider, I take great umbrage that Deputy Andrew Francis Wood will not face charges in the death of former Napster executive Milton Olin Jr. (Re "Deputy won't face charges," Aug. 29).

Why are police officers allowed to type and drive when the rest of us would be forced to pay hefty fines for doing so?


Plus, hasn't it been hammered home a million times that texting while driving can prove fatal?

Why was this officer not prosecuted for lying, when he claimed the bike rider crossed into traffic lanes on Mulholland Drive even though an investigation showed the officer crossed into the bike lane?

This is not a tirade against the police; this is a plea for honesty and safety.

I speak for the thousands of bike riders who face enough danger every time we take to the streets.
Jeffrey Prescott, La Jolla


To the editor: I'd like to make three points:

First, the ruling is correct in that the officer was doing his job and not going against law or policy.

Second, the family is planning to file a wrongful-death suit, and hopefully will succeed, in that there should have been a policy that prevents police officers from engaging in behavior that is dangerous for all drivers (even police officers).

Finally, change the policy, please.

Ron Garber, Duarte

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