Readers React: Did blind Democratic partisanship elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva?


To the editor: I had to smile as I read the letter from a reader who said he voted for Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva not out of displeasure with the ousted incumbent Jim McDonnell, but because Villanueva was endorsed by the Democratic Party.

I’d suggest that this is a classic example of why the number of independent voters is increasing sharply in California. More and more voters are supporting candidates based on their records and platforms, not on their party affiliation.

I voted for McDonnell based on his record and performance. Villanueva’s record compared poorly to the former sheriff’s, in my reading. It looks like Villanueva’s tenure as sheriff may well turn out to be highly problematic and set back the progress that was being made by McDonnell and the department.


That Villanueva may have won the election based on the endorsement of the Democratic Party is in my opinion a good lesson in why we should not blindly follow the recommendation of any political party.

Stephen Montgomery, Los Angeles

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