Readers React: Two votes against Gov. Newsom’s aid for asylum seekers at the border

California governor Gavin Newsom meets with humanitarian organizations, San Diego, USA - 31 Jan 2019
Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks to reporters in San Diego on Jan. 31, 2019, about his proposal to spend $25 million on aid to asylum seekers.
(David Maung / EPA/Shutterstock )

To the editor: It is disingenuous to suggest that $25 million, the amount Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to allocate to programs that aid asylum seekers at the border, is not a lot of money, no matter the context.

This is a great deal of money that could be well spent to aid current California residents. Homelessness, schools, greater access to healthcare and more housing are only some of the areas where our tax dollars can be put to use effectively.

Wasn’t Newsom elected to solve California’s problems first? He should be reminded: Charity begins at home.

Peter R. Pancione, Thousand Oaks



To the editor: State lawmakers did not have enough money to repair roads, so they said they had to raise the tax on gasoline. Now, all of a sudden the governor has $25 million to spend on people who are not supposed to be in the United States.

Newsom has his priorities upside down. I am about to change my party affiliation.

Arnie Sklar, Beverly Hills


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