Readers React: Why daylight saving time in December is a really bad idea


To the editor: Assemblyman Kansen Chu’s (D-San Jose) proposal of ending the practice of changing our clocks twice a year is practical and overdue. However, keeping California on daylight saving time permanently would be completely disastrous.

If this were done, the sun would not rise until 8 a.m. in early January in Los Angeles and 8:25 in San Francisco. Do we want to send our kids to school and be on our morning commute in the dark?

California would be on the same time as Denver, while our direct neighbor to the east, Nevada, would be an hour behind us. It is highly unlikely Congress would approve such an arrangement.


A better idea would be to keep California on standard time all year. This would not require Congress’ approval, and it is already practiced in two states.

Nathan Marfice, Orange

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