Readers React: There’s nothing magical about gangs at Disneyland. They should be banned

Members of “The Big Bad Wolves” social club watch Fantasmic! at Disneyland Park on Sunday, January 2
Members of the Big Bad Wolves social club watch the Fantasmic show at Disneyland on Jan. 21.
(Patrick T. Fallon / For The Times)

To the editor: I can imagine Walt Disney turning over in his grave at the thought of adults dressing up as gangsters and congregating at his park in “social clubs.” (“They’re Disneyland superfans. Why a lawsuit is alleging gangster-like tactics against one social club,” Feb. 9)

Not all of the adults in your story dressed in gang attire, but too many looked like extras from a “Sons of Anarchy” set. These people understand that the casual Disneyland patron is going to be intimidated by their look. Is this their way of satisfying some deficiency in their personalities while hiding behind the defense that their crime is loving Disney characters?

Shame on these people. Disneyland should ban anyone who dresses in an obvious gang style, period.

Ray McKown, Rancho Palos Verdes



To the editor: The “social clubs” are gangs, plain and simple. You don’t emulate the clothing worn by antisocial gangs if you are a “social” club.

I am shocked that Disneyland allows this behavior. What’s next, the Crips and Bloods Drive-by Ride?

Raymond Smith, Costa Mesa


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