Readers React: Jordan Peterson blames women for men’s problems. Why should feminists listen to him?


To the editor: It is sad to see op-ed article writer Cathy Young blame other women for the plight of young men in our culture. But even more troubling is Jordan Pederson’s patriarchal, regressive message to our sons, brothers and grandsons that in order to be real men, they need to lord it over their sisters, because apparently “healthy women” do not marry their equals.

As a former competitive swimmer in Australia, a marriage and family therapist, a married woman, mother and grandmother, I have known “real men.” They are not afraid of intelligent, strong women. They are the “brothers” who know that their “sisters” are as smart as they are, and they feel confident enough in their own manhood to fight for social and economic equality.

Some even call themselves “feminists.”

Hendrika de Vries, Santa Barbara



To the editor: The “coarse language” that Young says has become accepted in workplaces at the same time as feminism’s rise is not necessarily harassment, and modern society has largely and rightly rejected the concept that women are frail little flowers who can’t deal with it. But remarks that reduce women (or men) to sexual playthings rather than colleagues who bring intelligence and abilities to the workplace are definitely harassment.

Workplace flirtation is not necessarily harassment, but the moment someone, male or female, tells you your flirtation is not welcome, you should cease and desist.

Peterson puts down women so men can feel good about themselves. I can’t think of any reason for feminists to listen to him.

Trudy Ring, Sherman Oaks


To the editor: Given Peterson’s traditionalist argument that “healthy” women “want men who ‘outclass’ them in intelligence, dominance and status,” this second-wave feminist will never lend credence to anything he says about women.

Feminism is defined, quite simply, as the pursuit of equality for all; Peterson’s own words make it clear that he opposes equality.


Self-respecting women know a sexist when we see one. Young should too.

Marcy Miroff Rothenberg, Porter Ranch

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