Readers React: Making housing less affordable is no way to bolster LAUSD’s finances

Thousands rally at L.A. City Hall on Jan. 18 during the LAUSD teachers strike. Measure EE was placed on the ballot as a result of the strike.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: We live in a city with very high housing costs. If the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Measure EE passes, the cost of housing will go up even more — and not just for homeowners, but also renters. (“Vote yes on Measure EE, the parcel tax to increase L.A. schools funding,” endorsement, May 10)

If you live in a 800-square-foot apartment, expect to pay about $128 more per year.

The Times is right to point out that Measure EE was hastily drawn up. The only reason it is on the ballot now is because the school district felt that the public was on its side after January’s teachers strike. But a hastily worded measure that the courts must sort out is not something we should be voting for.

Officials should not be dreaming up ways to add to our tax burden; instead, they should look for ways to become more efficient with what they have. First, we voted for a lottery to help our schools, then we added more bond and tax measures to help the schools.


L.A. Unified just keeps wanting more and more.

Murray S. Levine, Encino


To the editor: “Before the district can do all the right things with adequate funding, it first has to have adequate funding.”


Your editorial nailed it. We are so quick to criticize our struggling schools that carry the burden of correcting all of society’s ills in 180 five-hour days each year.

I don’t know anyone who has worked for a corporation that depended on so many passionate, underpaid employees. I doubt if there is any company that has had more success with consumers than our LAUSD in its long history of offering children the hope of a future that overcomes their serious challenges and makes the most of opportunities.

Let’s provide the financial support needed for students to rise up.

Shelley Rivlin, Encino


To the editor: Sorry, but I remember the Belmont Learning Complex and iPad fiascoes. I won’t vote for any more money absent major reforms at LAUSD.

David Smith, Los Angeles



To the editor: Funding for arts and music are clearly defined in Measure EE. This is not mentioned in your endorsement, and I am afraid that this is the kind of attention it will get if the measure is passed.

The benefits of arts in education have been documented over and over, and yet it is barely available in LAUSD elementary schools. If the measure is passed, as I hope, the arts community must hold the district to its promise of more arts and music in schools.

Lois Saffian, Los Angeles

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