Opinion: McCain comes to Washington, and confounds with his actions


To the editor: OK, the president’s base has had its fun, pricking the more level-headed citizens of this country by helping elect, and continuing to support, a lunatic who champions their bizarre political worldview.

Re “McCain helps, then scolds GOP,” July 26

Perhaps now they will heed GOP Sen. John McCain’s moving call for a more balanced, cooperative government — one that works for all the people.


Kendra Strozyk, Cameron Park


To the editor: A war hero, an American hero, came to Congress in his post-operative condition and gave an impressive speech on the right way to legislate: out in the open, with dialogue, with hearings, with discussion, with amendments, all in a truly American, bipartisan way.

And then in a single, contradictory “yes” vote he flushed it all.

Arthur A. Fleisher II, Northridge

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