Readers React: I’ve finally thrown the robocallers off my trail⁠ and life is beautiful

FILE - In this May 4, 2018, file photo a man talks on the phone in a hallway adorned with the palm t
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To the editor: I’ve nearly cracked the robocall problem, in just a couple of months. I bought a new mobile phone with a “call block” key. I put it on one of my extensions, and I used the key regularly for about two weeks. (When I pick up one of the other extensions, without the key, I vow to get them next time.) My phone is now mercifully silent for long periods. It’s working!

Some of the robocallers’ voices had become familiar, and I must admit I was no longer polite or courteous when they still pestered. I trust they found other customers to harass.

Judith Anderson, Montrose

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