Readers React: Robocallers have outsmarted us. FCC, what are you going to do about it?

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To the editor: The problem of unlawful robocalling is worse than David Lazarus describes.

I have taken all of the available steps as a consumer to protect myself. My phone number is unlisted (somehow they still find it) and it is on the federal do-not-call registry and My provider also blocks anonymous calls. However, I still receive about 20 unwanted calls a day.

For numbers that are unblocked, I have to pick up the phone. When I am dealing with a real person, I say that I do not do business with people who break the law. Unfortunately, there is nothing more that I can do about the robocalls that get through, because as soon as they get blocked, the responsible parties change the phone number (or change their spoof) and keep calling.

And yet, the Federal Communications Commission does not seem to have a clue as to what to do about it. When will our government start acting to protect people from these lawbreakers?


John Jensen, Torrance


To the editor: Regarding Lazarus’ column about robocalls, I have a simple and fun solution. I answer the home phone this way:

“Thank you for calling the Space Force. If you wish to submit an application, please press one. If you wish to learn about future missions, please press two.”


It never fails. I get silence and then a disconnection, even by most robocalls.

Tom Wendland, Santa Monica

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