Opinion: Trump’s tax plan doesn’t add up

Donald Trump
Donald Trump speaks at the Economic Club of New York.
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To the editor: We should not confuse high income/style of living with high reported “taxable” income. People who have very high/comfortable living styles often report meager levels of “taxable income.”

To me, it’s little wonder Trump seems so reluctant to release those returns of his.

( “Trump revises his tax, growth plans,” Business, Sept. 16)

Current audit, or minimized reported taxable income that would shock even his most ardent followers?


Greg Gabriel, Aliso Viejo


To the editor: About the only growth I could see in his plan was that of the federal deficit, which, in turn, will further balloon the national debt.

It is a plan riddled with assumptions. As with his failed business ventures, Donald Trump is relying on projections and assuming revenue goals will be met. It’s a smoke and mirrors approach to budgeting.


Further, combined with his trade policies, it will fuel inflation, increase interest rates, explode unemployment and shrink the economy.

It’s based on a lot of outmoded economic theory that long ago was discredited.

Michael Solomon, Canoga Park

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