Readers React: A 2-year-old topless photo surfaces, and a young teacher is fired. That’s disgraceful

(Mark Cornelison / MCT)

To the editor: I am outraged that the teacher in question, 25-year-old Lauren Miranda, was fired because her students somehow got their hands on a 2-year-old topless photo of her that was not intended for public viewing.

She was fired because of official embarrassment by school district blue noses who attached some prurient interest to her action, which may have been ill-advised, but it certainly was not worth firing. Shame on those officials.

As a high school teacher, I have been instructed for years to think of the human situation first in dealing with so-called violations of norms and rules. The bottom line is that the teacher will win her lawsuit against the school district (along with a large settlement), and the taxpayers will foot the bill.

Most unfortunately, an attempt to damage the career of a potentially bright light has been perpetrated. Everybody loses.


Tim Geddes, Huntington Beach

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