Readers React: Trump’s Orwellian take on the FBI inspector general’s report


To the editor: Tally one more instance of “don’t confuse me with the facts” for President Trump. (“Trump rejects report’s conclusion that FBI wasn’t biased in Clinton probe, falsely says it ‘exonerates’ him,” June 15)

Also tally yet another instance of what I call “Orwell J. Trump syndrome”: In his statement during the Fox News interview that “the end report was wrong,” there was “total bias” at the FBI and that the inspector general “blew it” in his conclusion that the political opinions of any agents likely did not affect their work, he again acts as a one-man Ministry of Truth.

Trump doesn’t like the facts? No problem; he’ll just create a new “fact” engineered to his liking, in this case the claim that the report “totally exonerates” him.


And he doesn’t even need Winston Smith’s help.

Kymberleigh Richards, Van Nuys


To the editor: I stared at the print headline, “Trump not buying report on FBI,” and thought the reverse would be true: We’re not buying anything that Trump says.

The president has completely destroyed any credibility he might have had with his constant lying, gross misrepresentations, total ambivalence to facts and truth and a willingness to ignore anything that does not comport to his delusions.

As far as “buying” an argument goes, I would put my money on what the FBI says.

Tim Geddes, Huntington Beach

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