Boris Johnson and Trump represent everything that’s wrong with politics

Boris Johnson.
(Matt Dunham / Associated Press)

To the editor: Boris Johnson is entertaining, bold, humorous and appealing; otherwise, he would not have been able to win such a resounding victory for the British Conservative Party’s leadership and consequently his country’s premiership.

However, like his American counterpart, President Trump, Johnson personifies everything that is wrong with politics, including elitism, cronyism and dishonesty.

Moreover, Johnson studied and worked in Brussels and speaks several European languages. It is therefore absurd the way he dislikes Europe, and it is shocking that he fails to grasp the salient fact that in today’s world, we cannot tackle issues like terrorism, trade, the environment, immigration and much more on our own.

Munjed Farid Al Qutob, London


To the editor: Curiously missing from your editorial on the new British prime minister is the No. 1 reason voters in the United Kingdom opted to leave Europe.


The average person didn’t and doesn’t want open borders. Sovereignty should mean something. The same feelings are percolating in other European Union countries.

Whining about a revote is sour grapes. Plus, painting Johnson with a Trump brush is simply bad manners.

Bob Munson, Newbury Park