Letters to the Editor: A disabled student admitted to Stanford can’t pay for care. Step up, Silicon Valley

Sylvia Colt-Lacayo and her mother visit Stanford University last June.
(Heidi de Marco)

To the editor: I was very moved by the article about Sylvia Colt-Lacayo, the determined and deserving student who was accepted at Stanford with a full scholarship but, because of her disability, needs funds for assistants to help her many hours a week. Apparently, $60,000 a year would pay for that help.

Can you imagine the incalculable amount of money in Silicon Valley, right at Stanford’s doorstep? If the area moguls could read her story, surely some of them would offer to pay for the assistance she needs. Surely they would, wouldn’t they? For them $60,000 is pocket change, an hourly intake for many of Sylvia’s neighbors.

It could happen. I fervently hope it does.

Judi Birnberg, Sherman Oaks