Letters to the Editor: Saving Medicaid is a bizarre reason to reject Medicare for all

Sen. Bernie Sanders at a news conference on Sept. 13, 2017, where he unveiled his Medicare for all legislation.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Sara Rosenbaum and Stephen Warnke pile on the fear campaign against Medicare for all by saying adopting a single-payer healthcare system would imperil Medicaid.

These authors know that single-payer Medicare for all is not simply existing Medicare with enrollment expanded to all. Current Medicare has important coverage gaps and enrollment obstacles.

Everything Medicaid does now, single payer will do better. Retroactive coverage and quick uptake of new patients in a crisis of course will not be needed because everyone will be covered from birth. And, unlike under Medicaid, providers will be paid fair reimbursements.


Medicaid patients will no longer be told, “Sorry, we’re not taking Medicaid patients,” when they need help the most.

Margaret Copi, M.D., Oakland


To the editor: The fastest route to Medicare for all? Provide it as a public option.

I have total faith in the insurance industry to do what they do best and aggravate anybody who has to deal with them to the point that all people will support Medicare for all.

Bruce Kariya, Culver City