Letters to the Editor: The left’s eagerness to destroy Brett Kavanaugh is disgraceful

Brett Kavanaugh
Then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh prepares to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 6, 2018.
(Alex Brandon / Associated Press)

To the editor: I find it interesting that columnist Robin Abcarian mentions two incidents attributed to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh that are alleged to have occurred decades ago.

In the first, “witnesses” named by accuser Christine Blasey Ford were either not at the event in question or believe that Kavanugh did not act as alleged. In the second, the purported victim declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the incident.

The worst part of this preoccupation by the left with opposing Kavanaugh is that the accusations involve incidents that may or may not have happened about 30 years ago, when he was a teenager or a young adult. Kavanaugh’s behavior as an adult, by all accounts, been exemplary and blameless.

Charles Vorsanger, Pasadena



To the editor: There are some things that need to be said about the alleged youthful, drunken antics of a sitting Supreme Court justice.

To the esteemed members of Congress: Does anyone, anywhere, really believe that it is OK for a male of any age to force someone to touch his genitals without that person’s explicit and conscious consent?

To the mothers and fathers of boys: In case your beloved sons missed the memo that drunken debauchery is not acceptable, particularly toward vulnerable young women, please sit them down tonight and apprise them of that fact.


To the mothers and fathers of girls: Please sit your beloved daughters down tonight and teach them how to protect themselves as best they can. Assure them they do not need to get drunk and “go along” with questionable activities by predatory young men. Advise them to watch over their drinks, listen to their instincts and have an escape plan ready.

Jan McFarlane, South Pasadena

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