Letters to the Editor: Lithium extractors should try to save the Salton Sea too

Salton Sea
Areas of hot water bubbling up form mounds of dirt next to the Salton Sea geothermal power plant owned by EnergySource.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Thank you for the look at the geothermal industry at the Salton Sea. One can only marvel at the resourcefulness of EnergySource in learning to extract lithium in the process of producing energy.

I hope all the companies involved are successful in commercially extracting this rare and valuable element and generating all the monies projected.

The unmentioned elephant in the room, however, is the environmental disaster of the Salton Sea itself. What, if anything, do these people propose contributing to saving the nearly dead lake?


If the lithium comes out at a profit, it would seem that some of that money should go back in to the benefit of all of us.

Roger Walton, North Hills