Letters to the Editor: We need more rich people like Simon T, who built a firefighting base because he could

Firefighting base 69 Bravo in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Firefighting base 69 Bravo in the Santa Monica Mountains was developed on land owned by former radio executive Simon T.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: So, let me get this straight: This guy Simon T, a former radio executive, has property in the Santa Monica Mountains that is strategically important to firefighters. And because he can, he spends millions to provide resources that benefit us all by turning part of his land into a base for helicopters to refill their water tanks.

He does this because it’s good for the community.

That’s it? He doesn’t reap any benefits himself? He’s just generous? In addition, he doesn’t take credit and gives it all to the firefighters instead?

Compare that kind of thinking with our president, who is threatening to withhold federal dollars in his constant quest to crush California.


Carole Evers, Rancho Cucamonga


To the editor: I believe that Simon T (which is his full legal name) deserves to be known as a great American and a great Angeleno. His willingness to let his property be used by firefighters and give control over it to the county for far below market value shows great wisdom.

Thank for not bringing any politics into this wonderful story.


Robert Rosenthal, Burbank