Letters to the Editor: Want to elect a female president? Pay attention to Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar
(Jim Watson / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Surveys have shown the presidency could be won by a woman, as Mary C. McGrath and Sara Saltzer write. Hillary Clinton had the best possible chance to win, but Donald Trump’s constant tormenting and his effortless lying doomed her. It had nothing to do with how she ran her campaign.

There is only one person, male or female, in the Democratic Party who could defeat President Trump, but she is not getting the coverage she deserves. That person is Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

She is excessively bright, and she is a moderate. Listen to her answer questions; she does so forthrightly without beating around the bush.

Klobuchar is the one Democrats should back. Sen. Elizabeth Warren or former Vice President Joe Biden would falter by election time, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has declared himself a democratic socialist, cannot win.


Barry Wasserman, Huntington Beach


To the editor: No research is necessary to answer the question, “Are we ready for a female president?” All one needs to do is look at the popular vote tally from the 2016 election.

June Ailin Sewell, Marina del Rey

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