Letters to the Editor:  Trump’s presidency seems to be great for millennials

Young Trump supporters rally
Members of the group San Fernando Valley For Trump Celebration and others march down Hollywood Boulevard in support of the president in 2017.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Rich Benjamin, who laments the grim economic reality faced by millennials, missed the recent news on the economy: We have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Other than good health, nothing is more important to financial well-being than employment.

In 1985, my family and I relocated from Wisconsin to California for economic opportunity. In order to reach their goals, young people need to be willing to make sacrifices. My wife and I now own two California homes; we are transferring the ownership of one to our youngest son.

If millennials are hoping that the government will rescue them, they are in for a major disappointment.


Dan Dreblow, Big Bear City, Calif.


To the editor: Benjamin’s op-ed article might be more useful if we here to replace “boomers” with “Republican policies,” as in, “Republican policies continue to toss [millennials] into unending student debt, worsening race relations, depressed wages, a reeling climate and all manner of backward slide.”

As a boomer living in Los Angeles, I find that most of my peers share the values espoused by many millennials. Our common struggle is with the policies that have been enacted since the Reagan era that favor corporations and millionaires.

It’s too bad that media attention keeps fueling this inter-generational antagonism instead of focusing on the actual sources of the policies that make life difficult for millennials and the rest of us in the middle class.

Laura Owen, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: Millennials need to understand that unless they want to be coal miners, President Trump is is not singing their song.

Trump is destroying the alliances we have built up over decades and ignoring climate change and its destructive impact on this planet. If that does not get them to vote, perhaps they deserve the future they will face.

Richard Klug, Los Angeles