Letters to the Editor: Enough #OscarsSoMale. It’s time for a best female director category

Greta Gerwig
Director Greta Gerwig received acclaim for “Little Women” but was not nominated for a Golden Globe or an Oscar.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Here’s an idea for diversifying award shows. Is Hollywood listening?

How about a new female director category? This would mean two director categories: male and female. The announcers would say, “The nominees for a best female director are....” and, “The nominees for a best male director are....”

This would recognize women directors and be a win for studios and producers, as award shows drive sales, prestige and publicity for their directors and movies.


Female directors who have paid their dues, worked hard, earned public praises and attained big box office success are perpetually ignored at award shows. We were given proof yet again in 2020, when the Oscars and Golden Globes had zero nominations for women directors.

A new director category will solve this problem and provide gender parity. Female directors don’t need a seat at the table, they need their own table of recognition.

Elaina Redmond, Los Angeles


To the editor: Most serious moviegoers and Oscar voters detest retreads or anything with a number after it. Does anybody doubt that someday there will be a “Frozen 7”?

“Little Women” has been done countless times and is standard high school material. Director Greta Gerwig did a fine job, but only two sequels have ever won the best picture Oscar.

Bob Munson, Newbury Park