Letters to the Editor: Jeff Bezos’ $165-million mansion spurs ideas for solving homelessness

Jeff Bezos
Amazon chief Jeff Bezos reportedly bought the Warner estate in Beverly Hills for a California record sum of $165 million.
(Jim Watson / AFP-Getty Images)

To the editor: Want to solve the homelessness problem? Impose a 25% tax on all “home” sales above $50 million, like the recent sale of the Warner estate in Beverly Hills to Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos for $165 million.

The 10 most expensive sales in California amount to a total greater than $1 billion, meaning such a sales tax would bring in a cool $250 million for homeless people from these properties alone.

Steve Synnott, La Cañada Flintridge



To the editor: Nearly 60,000 human beings in Los Angeles County suffer homelessness.

Bezos bought David Geffen’s house in Beverly Hills for $165 million. Two billionaires reveal this nation’s callous neglect and mistreatment of our fellow Americans.

Sam Weiss, Riverside


To the editor: Do we really need to be blasted with Bezos on the front page of the Business section, with the housing crisis barely visible in the California section?

A record-breaking price in California — is this happiness? How big does a house have to be for the world’s richest man?

Natalie Kolosow, Cypress