Letters to the Editor: L.A. has failed to curb homelessness. It’s time for camps and dorms

A homeless man sleeps on a bridge over Main Street in downtown Los Angeles.
( Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Why isn’t anyone facing the reality that publicly funded permanent supportive housing (costing more than $500,000 per unit) will never be scalable to meet the demands of everyone wanting to be housed in Los Angeles? (“Homelessness jumped 13% in L.A. County, 14% in the city before pandemic,” June 12)

Why is it OK to leave thousands of people living on sidewalks while awaiting the impossible promises of Mayor Eric Garcetti and others to be fulfilled?

What L.A. needs now are multiple serviced camping areas throughout the county, with access to toilets, showers, trash receptacles, basic nutrition, security, healthcare and outreach workers. We also need more congregate housing, dormitories, assisted living and board-and-care centers.


Once we provide the authorized camping areas, we need to clean our sidewalks, streets and parks for all to use.

We have the resources to do this now in 2020, and it would vastly improve the quality of life for all in Los Angeles.

Julie Milligan, Los Angeles