Letters to the Editor: John Bolton tells us what we already know about Trump: He’s corrupt and inept

President Trump and John Bolton at the White House in 2018
President Trump and John Bolton at the White House in 2018.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: The excerpts from former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book are not revelatory; they’re confirming. (“Trump administration seeks restraining order to block Bolton book,” June 17)

The ignorance of President Trump is staggering. The incompetence of his administration is overwhelming. The timidity of the Republicans in Congress is sad and disappointing.

They took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, yet they cower before Trump. They know he is unfit for office. All he wants is adoration and to promote the Trump brand.


If he is reelected in 2020, that will be the end of the great American experiment.

John Jones, Canyon Country


To the editor: Bolton has spent decades in public service, often in contentious dispute. He ultimately resigned from his senior White House role in disgust. These are not the actions of a man motivated by cowardice and the avarice for a best-seller spot.

Bolton concluded that his first-person testimony during the House impeachment investigation last year would not persuade spineless Republicans to call for removing Trump from office. The test of his strategy was whether the Senate would summon sufficient courage to subpoena him to testify.

When Senate Republicans failed the test, he correctly concluded that the best course to oust Trump was to publish the account of the president’s corruption so close to the election that it could not be ignored. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bolton for his effort to remove this immoral and ignorant president.

Joseph Ingraffia, Morro Bay


To the editor: Trump’s push to obtain an order by a federal judge blocking the release of Bolton’s book is laughable. His fervor in trying to prevent publication tells us everything.


Now we don’t even need to buy the book. Just the material that the media have reported is enough to validate the fact that Trump is a vicious and dangerous man.

Ellen Faulk, Santa Monica