Letters to the Editor: How heavy police presence on Metro traumatizes vulnerable communities

Metro police
LAPD officers patrol the Hollywood/Highland Metro Red Line station in Hollywood on June 25.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: As a car-free Angeleno and frequent bus rider, I am happy to hear Metro is considering a different approach to public safety.

Countless times I have witnessed incidents where an armed officer arrives on scene in response to a perceived threat, only to escalate tension and provoke further agitation by a person in need.

The majority of bus riders are people of color and are from low-income households. It’s time to reallocate resources so we can stop inflicting further trauma on these communities.


Felicia Garcia, Los Angeles


To the editor: Just when the Metro is trying to increase ridership, it is now considering having fewer police officers patrol its system?

I know I’m not alone in reading about assaults and harassment that have dissuaded people from taking transit.

I am all for police reform, but as a female who has taken Metro, I am comforted when I see police nearby.

Celeste Demetor, Yorba Linda