Letters to the Editor: Donald Trump is the reason Joe Biden will win

Trump in Florida
President Trump speaks in Jupiter, Fla., on Sept. 8.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: While the headline for Doyle McManus’ column “How Trump can win” sends icy shivers down my spine, I believe that President Trump cannot win this November.

First, former Vice President Joe Biden is already showing he can express himself more coherently than Trump has on his best day.

Second, the “safety issues” that McManus cites, along with the pandemic and its economic fallout, all became major problems on this president’s watch. If he could not manage these issues correctly in his first term, what idiocy makes one think he could manage them in a second?

If Americans can remember these things, and if protesters lower their profile for the next two months, then Trump has no arguments, nothing to exploit, and no chance to win in spite of his and Russia’s combined efforts to undermine a fair election.


Barbara Pronin, Placentia


To the editor: McManus ignores two more factors that may sway the election in Trump’s favor: his resolve to sabotage our voting system, and his reliance on a foreign autocrat to influence our media and social networks.

The thought of four more years with Trump is absolutely terrifying.

Even assuming a best-case scenario where Trump is defeated in November, I shudder to think about the remaining two months of his term and the chaos he would inflict on the nation by issuing devastating executive orders, padding our federal courts with more politicized and incompetent judges, pardoning criminals and more nasty and vindictive antics before we are finally rid of him.

I am truly afraid for the future of our country.

Ted Carmely, Sherman Oaks