Letters to the Editor: Liberals should panic about another Trump win. It’ll get them to vote

Former Vice President Joe Biden addresses supporters in Columbia, S.C., on Feb. 11.
(Sean Rayford / Getty Images)

To the editor: Cherry-picked poll results and pollster opinions are the basis for columnist Jonah Goldberg’s premise that mostly liberals are freaked out that President Trump could win. In Goldberg’s scheme, these are identified as “elected Democrats and blue checkmark liberal journalists and activists” who he implies are guilty of spreading panic and anxiety in the electorate.


In reality, four years of Trump’s presidential contagion have left large segments of our society psychically sickened. With a backdrop of murderous virus pandemic, near economic collapse and wide societal discord, fears have likely morphed into resolve that Trump’s hateful rhetoric and wrecking-ball administration must end.

Chuck Hackwith, San Clemente



To the editor: What makes liberals so special? I am a moderate who, like the liberals Goldberg mentions, is also “prone to flights of jangly rage if you suggest that Joe Biden has the race in the bag.”

The thought of Trump’s reign of terror and bigotry being extended four more years is unnerving, to put it mildly. So I too shout “Don’t jinx it” and “That’s what people said in 2016” when anyone suggests Biden is sure to win.

Jane Clarke, Marina del Rey


To the editor: Goldberg should not joke about panicked liberals needing to “take a Xanax.”

It is a highly addictive prescription drug that is dangerous when misused. Consequently, psychiatrists are very reluctant to prescribe it.

When misused, the drug turns people into unruly, walking-dead types and predisposes them to using even more dangerous drugs.

James McManus, Phoenix