Letters to the Editor: Watch out, Gov. Newsom — voters are angry and primed for a recall

Gov. Gavin Newsom during a news conference.
Gov. Gavin Newsom during a news conference June 26.
(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

To the editor: While I pretty much agree with columnist George Skelton’s opinion that the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom is probably doomed, I think there is something he did not mention that I feel will be a factor.

People in the state, regardless of party affiliation or political leaning, are angry and frustrated. They feel helpless and trapped in a situation over which they have very little control. And they are disgusted at some of the things they read.

Here are two examples: the governor’s dinner with members of other households at an obscenely expensive restaurant while the rest of us are told to eat at home or get takeout only, and the roughly $2 billion in fraudulent unemployment benefits paid to scammers while regular people can’t afford rent.


I think some people will see the recall petition and potential vote as a way to do something to vent their rage.

Michael Barclay, Glendale


To the editor: Skelton’s warning to Newsom not to ignore the recall effort is well-founded. Our corrupted political system offers undue power to obscenely rich minority interests at all levels of government.

As Skelton points out, one billionaire or a few multi-millionaires can cause havoc. Their money can buy signatures for a recall election that can cost millions of much-needed taxpayer dollars that would be better spent on saving lives during the pandemic.

We have already witnessed how today’s obscene politics can cause thousands of unnecessary deaths. More division and angst are not needed.

Until we can blunt the force of money in politics, Skelton is right: We need to recognize and address the threat it poses.


Jim Hoover, Huntington Beach