Letters to the Editor: Due process for rioters doesn’t mean job protection for them

A group of National Guard troops in camo fatigues rest on a wall outside the U.S. Capitol
National Guard troops monitor the U.S. Capitol as members of the House debate impeachment on Jan. 13.
(Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: We should probably heed your editorial board’s advice to take a deep breath and a step back before we lash out indiscriminately at the motley crew in horns and pelts that manhandled the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Still, I’m not convinced that such courtesy should be extended, as your editors suggest, to John Eastman, who recently retired from Chapman University’s school of law after his colleagues expressed concern about his speech before the Capitol riot in which he brought up baseless allegations of election fraud.

Eastman taught law, but he doesn’t believe in evidence; furthermore, he taught constitutional law, but he doesn’t appear to think much of this document either.


Fine, he can have his free speech, but he is surely not entitled to engage in legal and educational malpractice at a university’s law school.

John de Jong, Long Beach


To the editor: Due process is a must for the rioters.

When will we learn that without the rule of law and the truth, we destroy democracy? If we abandon due process, we are one and the same as the seditionists.

There is no slippery slope into the valley of autocracy and dictatorship; there is a cliff.

Kevin Anthony, Studio City


To the editor: How did that work out for you, Trump people?

You stormed the Capitol, didn’t “stop the steal,” and didn’t intimidate the formidable Nancy Pelosi. You carried on as if you were at a sports event and got yourselves photographed, providing all the evidence needed to get you in big trouble with federal law enforcement.


It turns out Big Brother doesn’t like terrorism. You are losing your jobs, having to get lawyers and facing jail time.

You set up your beloved president for humiliation and defeat and, guess what, he doesn’t give a hoot about you and the trouble you are in, because he has troubles of his own. You might even have COVID-19 now.

You got had. You got used by a man and his cronies who fundamentally have contempt for you. From now on, maybe you’ll learn who cares about the down-and-out people. It’s bloody well not the 1%.

Elizabeth Whitney, Point Reyes Station, Calif.