Letters to the Editor: Trump’s CPAC speech was just about the only thing that could make me thankful for Twitter

Ex-President Donald Trump speaks at a lectern
Former President Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday in Orlando, Fla.
(John Raoux/Associated Press)

To the editor: Can we all acknowledge what a great gift Twitter has given those American people who still cherish and adhere to democratic principles?

Former President Trump’s 90-minute speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando this weekend was entirely predictable: perpetuating the Big Lie about the 2020 election; excoriating the 17 Republican lawmakers who voted with the Democrats to impeach him; bitterly criticizing and ridiculing President Biden’s actions; demonizing Democrats in general; boasting about his “great” accomplishments while in office.

Hopefully, the few people in attendance waiting to hear him touch upon the Jan. 6 insurrection weren’t holding their breaths. If it were not for Twitter’s ban on him we would be getting a daily dose of these juvenile, bitter and toxic tirades.

Ramona Saenz, Alhambra



To the editor: Trump, in his role as keynote speaker at CPAC, let it be known that not only is he back in the game, he never left it. His speech was nothing short of a warning to the GOP to either get on board the Trump Train or be run over by it.

The cult of personality around Trump would not exist without the embrace of loyalist Republicans, especially those in Congress. Their unwavering support, indistinguishable from idolatry at times, threatens the very survival of our democracy. With cult-like advocacy serving as a breeding ground for “Deep State” conspiracy theories, Trump is able to advance his autocratic agenda with minimal resistance.

By repeating the so-called Big Lie that the 2020 election was “rigged,” and that he, not Joe Biden, is the legitimate president, Trump is in effect repeating his thinly veiled call to arms — “Stand back and stand by.”

Jim Paladino, Tampa, Fla.


To the editor: Democracy needs the truth to survive. It fails when its people are not informed (or are misinformed) and do not hold its leaders accountable. We need fewer articles about what Trump is saying and doing and more about how the Big Lie should be denounced by every elected official, no matter what party.

We all need to be laser focused on speaking the truth that this election was not fraudulent. We need to be constantly and tirelessly educating those who believe otherwise. There should be public service announcements running with facts about our fair election. The tax dollars “we the people” now have to spend protecting ourselves from violence incited by myths would be much better spent eliminating the reason for their outrage.

A “show of force” using information, facts and truth is what we need to save democracy and keep our country safe.

Fiona Carroll, Mission Viejo



To the editor:

Trump: me, me, me, me, me, me.

Joe: YOU!

Bernard Harrington, Long Beach