Letters to the Editor: Asian and Black Americans must unite against hate — along with everyone else

A group of people hold up signs beneath a cross. One reads: Stop the Hate
Members of the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles and their supporters hold a news conference to denounce hate against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities on March 24, 2021.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Sandy Banks’ column about Black and Asian Americans uniting against hatred was a good piece, but in a way it missed the mark. This should be about humanity uniting against hatred.

I’m 74, and there were places where I grew up that had a policy of no Jews allowed. In Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, white supremacists marched with Nazi paraphernalia and some kind of “Jews won’t replace us” refrain.

Hatred is ignorance by any other name. The only major differences within our species are our looks, our languages and the latitudes and longitudes where our ancestors were born. Take off the skin of any human being, and you will find the same skeleton underneath it.


Blacks and Asians unite? And then what? Do we leave the Native Americans and Latinos out of the group? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was right: It’s not about color, it’s about character.

I’ve always felt that people who hate are angry and fearful. They can’t make a decent life for themselves, so instead of finding the tools to change their situation, they blame their failure on people in another race.

Kenny Rich, Woodland Hills


To the editor: Unfortunately, the title of Banks’ column completely misses the mark and the intent of her piece. Shouldn’t it be, “All Americans need to unite against hate”?

Warren Furutani, Gardena