Letters to the Editor: Even Donald Trump couldn’t have made a bigger mess of the Echo Park clearing

A sign sits among tents for the homeless during a rally in Echo Park last week.
(Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I am appalled at the abundance of city and police resources used to evict unhoused residents of the Echo Park Lake encampment last week, when those same resources could have been used to provide housing.

LAHSA, service providers and community organizations have been reaching out to unhoused individuals living at Echo Park Lake, building trust so that these folks would be relocated to interim housing — with the goal of permanent housing. The process takes time. Instead, Councilmember [Mitch] O’Farrell chose to use stealthy military tactics to forcibly expel unhoused residents at night.

The way it was done was cruel and unnecessary.

As it stands now, unhoused individuals were relocated to Project Room Key rooms, which are only temporary, and will find themselves in the position of being evicted once again when Project Room Key is defunded.


Jane Demian, Los Angeles


To the editor: Donald Trump could not have made a bigger mess out of the Echo Park situation than the city of Los Angeles made. The mayor, City Council and police should all be ashamed of themselves.

Ralph S. Brax, Lancaster


To the editor: I see our conflict-averse empty suit mayor once again missed an opportunity to lead, this time at Echo Park. The mayor could have talked to unhoused Angelenos about moving their tents to one of the city approved safe camping grounds.

Oh, yeah. There aren’t any of those.

There are a growing number of L.A. residents who are just fed up with the weak leadership that permits the homeless situation to grow. We are fed up with huge trash piles in parks and creek beds. We are fed up with a local government that is not responsive to — and seemingly bewildered by — the needs of its unfortunate unhoused residents. We are especially fed up with spending huge amounts of money, only to deliver modest results at best.

Beware, Mr. Mayor. And you too, City Council. Lead and fix this problem or we will find some people who will. We are fed up.

Roger Walton, North Hills



To the editor: Thank you, Mitch O’Farrell, for taking back Echo Park!

A park is for all to enjoy, not for a few to take over. Don’t let the loud and aggressive few intimidate you.

The solution for homelessness is not turning our parks, beaches, streets and neighborhoods into tent cities. It’s not even an acceptable temporary solution. Do what you can for the homeless but don’t ignore the majority in that process.

Terrell Cabrales, Atwater Village