Letters to the Editor: Do vaccine passport foes have a problem with Social Security numbers too?

A woman gets a COVID-19 vaccination shot
Bryan Phan, left, administers a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to Linda Davis, 60, at Whispering Fountains Senior Living Community in Lakewood on Wednesday.
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I espouse conservative and libertarian philosophies. But the crying I see around vaccine passports make me laugh.

From the day you are born, you are issued a government Social Security number. Later, you get a driver’s license with a specific identification number. When you travel around the world you use a passport with a unique ID number. And if you serve the country you get a unique service number.

There are very few important things you can do in life without using one of these numbers. Without those, you can’t get a bank loan, travel by air, open a bank account, obtain retirement benefits, or rent a house or a car. And more.

Even libertarians consider governmental identification necessary for an orderly society. Can they be abused? Sure. But the chaos without them is much worse.


Sounds to me like a bunch of spoiled brats.

Nahum Gat, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: I’m confused. There are circumstances where a store owner in our country has the “right” to refuse service to a customer based solely on their sexual orientation. Yet the Republican Party has its panties in a twist over the vaccine passport, which ultimately would restrict people possibly infected with COVID-19 from infecting others.

Our freedoms end at the tip of our nose. COVID-19 crosses that line. Sexual orientation does not.

Pamela Higgins, Northridge


To the editor: How about we let any registered Republican male who gets a COVID-19 vaccination be excluded from seat belt laws?

They’ll be ecstatic about expanding their freedom fantasy. And they can prove their individualism by leaving themselves vulnerable to deadly car crashes, instead of endangering the rest of us with their COVID breath.


Tom Krauss, Venice Beach