Letters to the Editor: Newsom wants K-12 schools to fully reopen open next fall. What about colleges?

Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a news conference in Sacramento on Jan. 8.
Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a news conference in Sacramento on Jan. 8.
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To the editor: Well, bully for Newsom, he has finally decided to get serious about reopening K-12 schools, after 14 months of closure and hybrid education in much of California. But those school bells ring hollow — they just sound like a politician trying to avoid recall. (“Newsom finally rings the school bell,” editorial, May 21)

If he’s really serious, he should apply the same pressure to all the community college and California State University campuses that are still planning to conduct classes mostly online for the summer and fall 2021 terms.

Try taking advanced calculus, physics or chemistry with labs in preparation to transfer in a STEM field without in-person classes. Imagine enrolling as a freshman for virtual learning at Cal State after spending your entire high school senior year at home.


It’s a diabolical joke.

Sandra Valeri, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: While I’m glad to see the push to reopen K-12 schools, I’m sorely disappointed in The Times’ lack of coverage of what’s happening in Los Angeles County and Ventura County community colleges — unconscionable foot-dragging, with no plan for all classes to be in-person until spring 2022.

We need more coverage of this shameful letdown for college students.

L.J. Williamson, Granada Hills