Letters to the Editor: Democrats, don’t be complacent about the Newsom recall. Remember 2016?

Gov. Gavin Newsom
Gov. Gavin Newsom, who faces a recall vote in September, marks California’s reopening at an event June 15 in Universal City.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I feel as if there is an effort afoot to make Democrats believe they are secure and think that Gov. Gavin Newsom is safe from actually being recalled. The Times reports that the California Republican Party is much weaker now than it was in 2003, when Democrat Gray Davis was recalled.

Please don’t be fooled, because if you don’t get up off your couch and vote to keep Newsom in office, he runs the risk of being removed — because the Republicans always turn out.

Democrats sometimes do not. That’s how we got Trump. Democrats felt secure that Hillary Clinton couldn’t lose in 2016, and look at what happened.


Linda Bradshaw Carpenter, Los Angeles


To the editor: Newsom has done nothing wrong to warrant a recall other than being a Democrat.

The excuses that the California conservative minority are using are the same problems its members have caused when they are in power, and yet Republican governors don’t get recalled.

The money that is being spent on this uncalled-for recall is unconscionable, which only proves how feckless this conservative minority truly is.

Sheryl Kinne, Lake Balboa


To the editor: A more educated and diverse electorate means more people who recognize that Newsom has been an abject failure as governor.

The Times evidently believes the recall is a Republican Party effort. My observation, as a registered Democrat, is that the recall is broad-based and without regard to political party.


If all the educated, diverse people vote, we will have has a new governor. It will likely be a Democrat, and that may be OK if he or she does not follow Newsom’s example.

Arnie Sklar, Beverly Hills


To the editor: I find one thing amusing in your June 28 article about Newsom suing the California secretary of state to have his party preference listed on the recall ballot:

A party strategist all but admits that Democrats in California are so ignorant that they may not know that Newsom is governor, despite his nearly daily appearances on television over the last year addressing the pandemic, and they might not know he is a Democrat.

Jim Winterroth, Torrance