Letters to the Editor: Newsom’s request to maybe cut back water use by 15% is laughably weak

Dry lake bed is exposed as the water level recedes at Folsom Lake near Sacramento on July 1.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The accompanying image of Folsom Lake in the print edition might lead one to wonder why our governor hasn’t instituted a more structured, substantive plan to reduce water consumption than the voluntary 15% request he articulated Thursday. (“Newsom asks all Californians to voluntarily reduce water usage by 15% amid drought,” July 8)

This kind and gentle approach is nothing more than a complete abnegation of leadership and authority; a literal “head in the sand” call might be closer to the truth. And sand, lest you missed the message, is where our parched state may well be headed.

Jeff Denker, Malibu



To the editor: Water conservation measures should never have been stopped even though we had one good year of rainfall.

California is a drought state. We got in the habit of using less water, then the rains came, and we went right back to wasting water again. Now we have to convince the public that it is in their best interest to stop wasting water.

When are adults going to start acting like adults?

Beverley Bender, Seal Beach


To the editor: For my household, meeting the governor’s requested 15% reduction in water use will be impossible unless we stop showering.

We installed low-flush toilets in 1992. Several years ago, we got rid of our front-yard lawn. We rarely water the backyard lawn, which has more weeds than grass.

For us, I don’t see how a 15% reduction is possible.

Sam Pinterpe, Huntington Beach


To the editor: The real news is or should be that Newsom is still refusing to formally declare a drought for all of California, maybe because he is too timid to offend his donors and friends until after the recall election.

Norman H. Green, Los Angeles