Meet the other recall candidates: Nickolas Wildstar


What experience has prepared you to take over leadership of the world’s-fifth largest economy?
Much of my 10 years of activism has been working directly with people of the public and organizations that have been hands-on in improving our community. As governor I plan on taking that same role in making sure that those best educated on dealing with the issue get the assistance, resources and funding that they need. Whether it’s unemployment, homelessness, healthcare services or drought preparation, the people of the community will be consulted. I’ve learned that this is what Californians want and I plan on delivering on that demand.

Do you believe Joe Biden was lawfully elected president?

Should an ethnic studies course be required for high-school graduation?

Defund police?

Should government make any vaccine mandatory, including for polio and smallpox?

Under California law, low-income women are eligible for taxpayer-funded abortions. Do you support this?

Should the governor’s emergency powers be altered, and if so, how?
Government emergency powers are no excuse to violate an individual’s privacy rights or inalienable right to choose for themselves what they may do with their own bodies. No crisis should warrant such authoritarianism and will not once I’m elected governor.

If you had $25 billion to spend on homelessness, what would you do with it?
3-D printed homes and Earthships, which are self-sustainable low cost housing [that] would be built to accommodate parents with small children, military veterans and disadvantaged youth. Mental health and drug addiction programs should receive the necessary funding to be able to help those in need.


As governor, would you direct the state to do more to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
Improving our immigration situation would be best achieved by making sure the application process is done more efficiently and responsibly. Applicants should not have to wait years and pay thousands of dollars to become citizens, nor will they have to once I’m elected governor.

What would you do to decrease the chance of destructive wildfires?
Clean burn practices and community logging will play a major role in making sure our forest lands are being properly managed when I am governor. Making sure our state has enough water to reduce dryness and avoid droughts will also be a priority so that future wildfires can be prevented.

What emergency steps would you take during a drought to allocate water usage among Californians?
Massive water use by large corporations like Nestle and Crystal Geyser need to be dramatically reduced if not eliminated altogether so that our state has enough water in the ground to prevent drylands and sinkage. That change alone will do more to preserve water than residents taking less showers.

Do you support California’s climate change initiatives. If no, what would you change?
I’m proud California is taking the lead in progressing towards a greener future; however I think legislation like Gavin Newsom’s ban against gas powered cars puts people in a dangerous situation when they are unable to charge their cars because no reliable source for power has yet to be established.