Meet the other recall candidates: Diego Martinez


What experience has prepared you to take over leadership of the world’s fifth largest economy?
I am a businessman. I have run multimillion-dollar businesses. I know how to make a business profitable. I know I can turn the State of California into becoming profitable again.

Do you believe Joe Biden was lawfully elected president?

Should an ethnic studies course be required for high school graduation?

Defund police?

Should government make any vaccine mandatory, including for polio and smallpox?

Under California law, low-income women are eligible for taxpayer-funded abortions. Do you support this?

Should the governor’s emergency powers be altered, and if so, how?
I believe our emergency powers have been misused. I think there should be an end date. I think there should be a limit to the emergency powers. I think we should work together for solutions and not a “band-aid.”

If you had $25 billion to spend on homelessness, what would you do with it?
I would put this money into mental health care. With my homeless reform plan, it will NOT need $25 billion. I think the current budget needs to be put in different places to be more effective. Please visit my website for detailed information.

As governor, would you direct the state to do more to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
Under a Martinez administration, I have an Immigration reform solution, which includes finishing the border wall, more border patrol agents, immigration reform and having everyone pay their equal share of taxes.

What would you do to decrease the chance of destructive wildfires?
I would bring back the lumber industry, forest management and clearing up the forest. We will never eliminate wildfires, but we can make it less destructive.


What emergency steps would you take during a drought to allocate water usage among Californians?
Under a Martinez administration, I will build more dams and reservoirs. I will also work with the private sector to build more desalination plants.

Do you support California’s climate change initiatives? If no, what would you change?
Climate change is extremely important. However, with forest management and my reform water solutions, under a Martinez administration, everyone will see a difference in climate change!