Meet the other recall candidates: Sam Gallucci


What experience has prepared you to take over leadership of the world’s-fifth largest economy?
Running multinational tech companies, proven leadership solving the homeless crisis. I’ve earned the trust of the largest voting block in the state. I have community organizing experience.

Do you believe Joe Biden was lawfully elected president?

Should an ethnic studies course be required for high-school graduation?

Defund police?

Should government make any vaccine mandatory, including for polio and smallpox?

Under California law, low-income women are eligible for taxpayer-funded abortions. Do you support this?

Should the governor’s emergency powers be altered, and if so, how?
Yes. These powers should not violate the constitutional rights of the citizens. They should be limited in length and scope.

If you had $25 billion to spend on homelessness, what would you do with it?
I would implement my people first agenda to solve this crisis to face California. Five pillars to success. No. 1: Stop the bleeding. No. 2: Safe Sleep Program. No. 3: Establish daytime compassion shelters that provide basic human needs: bathroom, showers, laundry and hot meals.

As governor, would you direct the state to do more to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
Yes. I would help existing immigrants and undocumented immigrants stay in America. I would work to enforce federal immigration laws and work to stop more from coming illegally. We must help the ones here and we must stop the flow of illegal immigration.

What would you do to decrease the chance of destructive wildfires?
Major increase in forest management. Eliminating underbrush, creating controlled burns, addressing aboveground outdated electrical infrastructure and solving the water crisis.


What emergency steps would you take during a drought to allocate water usage among Californians?
Allocation is not the problem. We must fix the root problem by increasing storage and implementing desalinization technology.

Do you support California’s climate change initiatives. If no, what would you change?
No. They don’t address the cause and effect. One example, declaring all vehicles must be electric by 2035 is unrealistic and will not be accomplished until we improve our current electrical grid. The current plan does not take into account all the pieces necessary to protect the environment.