Letters to the Editor: The enraging irony of anti-vaccine men saying ‘my body, my choice’

Demonstrators opposed to vaccination mandates protest at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on Nov. 8.
Demonstrators opposed to vaccination mandates protest at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on Monday.
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: We are no more required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 than we are to get a driver’s license. If you don’t want to legally drive on public streets, don’t get a license. Similarly, citizens are not required to get a passport — if you don’t want to travel out of the country, don’t get a passport. (“Thousands protest COVID-19 vaccination mandates as L.A.’s verification rules kick in,” Nov. 8)

If you want to be a building contractor, you can choose not to get a license and you can disregard building codes, but to protect the rest of us, your structures will not be permitted for occupancy. Law school graduates aren’t required to get a law license; those who do can practice law. It’s a similar situation for medical school graduates.

These are rules to protect consumers.

If you live in Los Angeles, you are not required to get vaccinated; you just can’t be a public employee unless you do so. You’re free to explore other work opportunities, but don’t complain when you are the one choosing to limit your options.


Fred Burgess, Camarillo


To the editor: I love the picture of protesters showing a man holding a sign saying, “No to mandatory vaccines, my body, my choice.”

Women are crying the same thing about abortion and getting slapped down all over the country. Guess it’s only my body, my choice when it suits them.

I’m so angry.

Karen Rose, Los Angeles


To the editor: Physician and accused Trump insurrectionist Simone Gold warns first responders that the “overlords” are primed to take over their critical thinking faculties.

I fear it is already too late. The former president and “Q” are the overlords who have clearly deprived these people of the ability to think and behave rationally.


These highly paid city employees are having fainting spells about thoroughly researched vaccines already received by billions of people. It is abundantly clear the vaccines prevent disease and death with minimal if any side effects for the vast majority. These “heroes” shirk their duty to their oaths to protect the citizenry.

As for the overlords, Arthur C. Clarke would be rolling in his grave.

Cathy Goldberg, Seal Beach


To the editor: The picture on the front page showing an anti-vaxxer co-opting the phrase “my body, my choice” is disturbing and hypocritical in many ways.

One point that has not been emphasized enough is that when anti-vaxxers get sick, it is the taxpayers who are paying for their hospital services, through our taxes and health insurance costs.

Perhaps we should be carrying a new sign: “Your body, your hospital bills.”

Mark Cantor, Agoura Hills