Letters to the Editor: How much longer can Democrats scorn progressives and still get their votes?

President Biden waves as he boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Nov. 30.
President Biden waves as he boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Nov. 30.
(Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press)

To the editor: Columnist Nicholas Goldberg cites a lack of “hope” in the political advertising on the left. I can’t help but think about the high bars for success many on the left set in mid-2020: a distinctly optimistic demand for universal healthcare and an end to fatally abusive, racist policing.

Political elites across the party united to subvert those demands, and now we see the fruits of their labor: flagging enthusiasm among the voters who put the current president in power, who see nothing coming out of the White House to justify the many sacrifices Americans have laid down to create a slightly better world.

People need more than advertisements; they need concrete help in their lives. The Democrats have failed at this and have failed young people in particular.


They should not be surprised when those youth don’t come out to vote for them again.

Alexander Everett, Los Angeles


To the editor: I’m one of those who ditched the Democrats for the larger block of independent voters. If Democrats went dark, it’s more like they hunkered down in a corner.

It’s more like it’s bottom of the ninth inning with two outs, two men on, and they didn’t have a strong player.

While I fully align with most Democratic ideals, the Democrats simply fail in creative problem solving, falling back on old-school strategies.

Didn’t Democrats perceive how Texas and Mississippi were strategizing to get abortion to the U.S. Supreme Court? Why didn’t Democrats in another state propound a pro-choice bill mirroring the Texas law, something like compensating citizens $10,000 who turn in deadbeat dads?

The Democrats have done nothing to deal with Supreme Court partisanship or the electoral college. Of course, these items will be difficult to change, but why do nothing?


Michael Katzman, Big Bear Lake


To the editor: Goldberg opines that Democrats have gone dark and are “less happy.” He further posits that it is due to their concerns about climate change, COVID-19 and the threats to democracy. He quotes then-presidential candidate Joe Biden at the Democratic convention promising to brighten the “season of darkness” that was the Trump administration.

Well, all of these are true.

What Goldberg does not say is the Republicans are so happy because they have been successful in blocking the majority of legislation proposed by the Democrats. Instead of working together, the Republicans are happy to make it look like the Democrats are failing while their obstructionist tactics are denying their own constituents the benefits of these programs.

It is also the right wing that is prolonging the pandemic by being anti-vaccine and anti-mask, and they are the ones who are threatening democracy.

Mark Elfont, Valencia